... the campaign to make bad businesses liable for consequential damage and loss


Many businesses are prepared to take back faulty products or refund what you paid for them. So 'yes', you can take time out of your day to drive back (at your own expense) to return the product, or get your money back ... or listen to their excuses.

But it is always YOU, who has to bring the problem to their attention. It is always YOU who must spend your time (and money) .. to resolve the issue. This time, effort, cost are consequential losses and damages which YOU incur, because THEY sold you a faulty product, or neglected to provide the service.

And many businesses depend, yes 'depend' on the probability that you won't bother ... because very often, taking issue with the supplier/seller is more trouble than it is worth.

If you buy a liter of milk from KwikSpar in Green Point to take home to Table View and find the milk is off the next day, can you afford to take 30min of your day to drive 18km there and back again, to return it? ... only to be asked: 'do you have the receipt please'.

And they (bad businesses) know that ... and depend on that fact, to avoid taking responsibility and to keep your money in exchange for rubbish goods and/or service. Like the insurance company or medical aid that ALWAYS (by default) rejects your claim, puts obstacles in your way and so forces you to waste your life chasing after them.

This website is dedicated to all those of us who are sick and tired of this exploitation; and who want to see a change in the law, to protect our rights and make it mandatory that bad businesses PAY us the consequential damages and losses that result from their neglect and thieving tactics.


Cash Converters
Down South Food Bar
Suzuki Mekor Tygervalley
Cape Town Panelbeaters
World Estates International
ACD Gibsons
Tafelberg Furnishers
Cape Union Mart
Partserve (Canon SA)
Cell C
Incredible Connection
First National Bank
Builders Warehouse
Camp & Climb
Ethiopian Airlines
Mr Price

What they say ... What they mean ... Why?
We're experiencing high call volumes. We don't have enough staff to answer calls. ... because our staff are busy on sales lines, selling goods/services, so we can make more money. Helping customers doesn't make us more money; actually it's just a hassle.
It's not our policy to refund cash. We have to put the money back on your card; you'll get your money back within 7 days. We expect you to respect our 'policy' .... and not argue or make a scene (beause that's embarassing, isn't it). ... so we can earn some interest on your money before we give it back.
Well you really should have read the 'terms and conditions'. We made the terms and conditions so long and so verbose, only a lawyer would understand them ... and your session will expire before you could read them to conclude your transaction. ... so you wouldn't see how it reduces our liability; and the pop-up to tell you your session is about to expire, pressures you to conclude the transaction anyway. So we get your money, without much obligation to do anything, really.
No, there is no email address on our website, but there is a form for you to submit an enquiry or complaint. .. that way you won't have a copy of your message (only we will). ... so you can't prove you submitted any enquiry or complaint.

TAKE ACTION! We're here to support you by publishing your complaints and hold bad businesses to account. Submit your complaints here and help us fight exploitative business practices. Your experiences will be forwarded to government and consumer bodies to demonstrate the losses to consumers (and the economy), which result from these bad and exploitative practices; to lobby changes in the law to protect your rights.

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