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03/11/2015 @HOME, Waterfront : Messsed about by @Home (Waterfront)
After buying (what seemed to be) a nice Breville Cafe Venezia coffee machine at the Waterfront @Home store in 1st July 2015, I was disappointed the machine malfunctioned only a month later.

So, I had to take an hour out of my day to carry the machine down two flights of stairs to my car and return it to the store ... only to have the manager (Miriam) insist that she must check the machine. She confirmed the filter had got blocked and so replaced the filter, but declined to replace the machine or compensate me for my time, or the R10 parking cost.

It was with some irritation that I had to return the machine (yet again) just two months later. This time I insisted on a replacement and was given one by the Manager, Maggie; who also paid for my parking.

But getting back home to unpack the machine, I found the store assistant had neglected to pack in the spare filter. So, I had to call @Home once again (which I did immediately) to inform Maggie, who agreed to have the filter delivered to me. [No, they didn't expect me to come back again.]

But a week later the filter was still not returned, so on 30th September I checked the @Home website (yet again) to find the customer service email address, to whom I wrote a 'stinking' letter of complaint.

A few days later (2nd September) Maggie called to arrange delivery of the filter; saying she would drop it off in 'half an hour'. But neither Maggie nor the filter arrived ... until I was leaving the premises in my car and was waved down from the opposite side of the road. I stopped for a few seconds, waiting for Maggie's colleague to cross the road. But I was blocking the traffic and had to move on.

Later that day Maggie called again to say she had left the filter at the shop downstairs and I should fetch it there. What a cheek! ... now I must go running around doing errands for @Home? I don't think so. On 4th October I wrote (yet again) another 'stinking' email to @Home customer service ... and I got a voicemail a few days later, asking if the issue had been resolved. No! it had not, but the call was from a private number, which I could not call back.

What's happened since? ... nothing, nothing at all.

  Complainant: tredmag | Estimated Cost to Customer: 1,030.00

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