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11/10/2015 CAMP & CLIMB, Paarden Eiland : Faulty, hazardous product ... and insulting customer service
I got home with a new Kovea stove, purchased from Camp & Climb in Paarden Eiland ... and wanted to test the new product.

So I fitted the (Kovea) gas cylinder, opened the gas valve ... and ignited the stove. The stove roared into life, but just 3 seconds later the flames burst out the sides of the stove to engulf the pot which is fastened on top and badly burn the material around the pot.

I struggled with the valve for a few seconds, anxiously trying to close the gas, but it would not close. Obviously I'm holding this thing at arms length and rush to the kitchen sink to throw it in, when the gas stops and the flames subside. It's badly damaged, on first use.

So, I make the trip back to Camp & Climb to return the item and demand a refund. The salesperson who sold me the stove (Charmaine) is not there and the assistant (Wessel) is not sure what to do, so he calls the manager ... and is told to call the supplier ... who promises to call back. Then Wessel is told to 'test' the faulty stove ... what's there to test? It's brand new and has malfunctioned on first use? Now I'm getting the impression they're now looking for an excuse not to take back the stove.

Wessel insists and goes to the back ... and returns to confirm the flame flared up the sides again ... he thinks the valve is faulty.

Then he calls the supplier back ... and the manager again; and eventually agrees I should get a refund. But he doesn't know how, so has to call the manager again, while I'm left standing around, like I have all day to waste.

Then I am told the refund will be processed later ... so I ask for a credit note, or some written confirmation of the refund; which he still struggles to produce. Eventually (after calling the manager AGAIN), I get a slip of paper saying 'cash refund' which it is actually not.

Thanks for the insult! ... and for putting my life at risk! Frankly, if you don't have the systems in place, you shouldn't be in business.

I also submitted a complaint on the Kovea website ... and got zero response. Not buying that rubbish again. After some research, it appears Kovea make cheap versions of the more reliable stoves.

  Complainant: tredmag | Estimated Cost to Customer: 420.00

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