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23/11/2015 KWIKSPAR, Green Point : No proof my card declined - did I pay twice?
At the Green Point KwikSpar this morning, my card was apparently declined for an amount of only R60, ... so naturally I asked the cashier for the print-out, to show my transaction was declined.

She replied saying there was no slip (apparently that particular machine doesn't print one).

So, of course I objected, saying: 'How do I know it was declined, where is the slip'? She shrugged her shoulders and I was already reaching for another card, when the manager appeared behind her.

I addressed the issue to Mr Marius de Beer, who immediately agreed and said to the cashier: The customer is right, where is the slip? She just repeated that (this) machine does not print one. The manager is now befuddled - he's just admitted this is not the customer's fault, but now what does he do ... He's also admitted he doesn't know himself whether the transaction has gone through, or not.

Well, of course he doesn't want the problem and wants to make it my problem to resolve, suggesting I should check my statement and refer the matter back to him if there has been a double charge ... which gets my blood boiling! Why the hell is this now my problem? And I let him know, raising my voice. And why should I NOT raise my voice, when insulted in that manner?

So, another assistant manager (Sam) gets another card machine and they put the transaction through again. It's very slow, but eventually the transaction is approved ... proving the problem is not with my card, or availability of funds.

And then suddenly, they offer me a slip showing me the previous declined transaction. What is going on here?

  Complainant: tredmag | Estimated Cost to Customer: 203.00

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