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28/11/2015 SPAR, Green Point : System problem continues ... as I return milk that went bad before expiry
Despite knowing about the problem, Spar have done nothing about the failure of their systems ... and continue to inconvenience customers.

This I discovered when I went back to Spar (Green Point) to return a 2l bottle of milk that didn't make the expiry date; not the first time that has happened.

As I waited for the manager (Sam) he was confronted by another customer complaining about exactly the same problem, I had suffered a few days earlier (and reported on this site).

Like me she had been told her card had been declined, but was not provided with a slip to prove it. Was she also double-billed? The manager provided her with the information she required, but as with me, expected her to return to the store if she had been double-billed.

Spar know about the problem - why do they insist on continuing to inconvenience customers? Why do they insist on making this the customer's problem? What if I'm on holiday from Johannesburg and am returning tomorrow?

As for me, Sam refunded the R24 I paid for the milk, but wanted to retain my original receipt for the bad milk and other goods I had purchased. What is this man's problem? Does he not understand that receipt is now my property? So, we have another argument, as I must explain my right to keep the original receipt (which he doesn't want to accept).

No apology - just a blatant 'get stuffed' attitude and told I am not welcome in the store. How's that for 'service': we have a problem and you must accept the inconvenience, or get out! Clearly, Spar would rather cover up their failures than take responsibility and do something to rectify the issues. The attitude is disgusting!

I'm now shopping at Woolworths!

  Complainant: tredmag | Estimated Cost to Customer: 200.00

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