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24/02/2016 FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Canal Walk : Branch calls go to 'helpdesk' ... no service
We have a business account at FNB Canal Walk and an account manager Shaun James. I needed a meeting to deal with the business account, cancellation of a bond and a new bond application. But Mr James declined to take my call and declined to call me back; and disregarded my emails as well. My calls to his number and the branch were redirected to a helpdesk, which was utterly unhelpful. Not matter which options I selected, I kept going back to the helpdesk.

After repeating my needs, his Manager, Sharmeela undertook to get me the face2face appointment I needed, which Mr James then setup ... but also referred me to a colleague (Adele) in another FNB department because she was not available for the pre-arranged meeting (why didn't he check first?).

Then she called me, clearly not understanding my needs and wanting to refer me to a helpdesk ... and then told me she was 'just trying to help'. When will these people understand that as long as they are forcing us into their narrow pre-defined processes, they are NOT helping. What is the point of having an 'Account Manager' if all he does is refer me to someone else ... to someone else ... to someone else ???

  Complainant: tredmag | Estimated Cost to Customer: 200.00

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