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03/12/2016 INCREDIBLE CONNECTION, Foreshore, Cape Town : Incredibly rubbish (fraudulent) service
More than a year ago I took my faulty Acer PC to Incredible Connection and asked for a quote to repair. I had to pay R120 just to have them look at it, so expected that at least they would provide a definitive diagnosis. They messed me around for a week and finally told me the PC was 'irreparable' and I should fetch it from the store.

On collection I asked: "So what's wrong with it?" Tashwell the technician answered: "It can't be fixed." Insistently, I explained that I had paid R120 for a diagnosis and expected him to at least explain what had gone wrong. He answered, dismissively: "The motherboard is probably blown ... the parts are not available." "What do you mean 'probably'", I asked. "Is it blown or not?"

I didn't get a reasonable explanation, so demanded my R120 back, but the manager refused to refund me the R120 and told me I could find an email address to complain to on their website. So, I wrote my complaint, attaching the documentation and proof of payment. I got absolutely zero response!

The PC stood on the cabinet in my living room because I was loath to just throw it away. But a few days ago I realised it had to go in the bin, as I was about to move out and had to pack up. But let me just plug it in one more time, I thought .... and it worked! The monitor came to life while the PC booted up and worked as if nothing had ever been wrong with it. I booted it up a few times and it seems fine.

Now what does that tell you about Incredible Connection? .... Had they actually looked at the PC? I doubt it. Had they really made a diagnosis? Definitely not! Was the technician incompetent? Probably not. Did they rip me off? The certainly did. Is this fraud? Most likely. Did they completely ignore my complaint? Yes. Do they care? Obviously not.

  Complainant: tredmag | Estimated Cost to Customer: 960.00

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