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27/03/2016 ELLIES, Ndabeni : Arrogant service agent denies responsiblity for faulty product
A faulty LNB supplied by Ellies resulted in 2hrs of my time wasted and R30 in diesel to return the product to Ellies. But not only did I suffer the inconvenience, I also had to suffer the arrogant attitude of 'Joe' in the service centre, who makes out that any customer should know the things that Ellies neglect to put on the box or in the 4-page document they call an 'instruction manual'.

After fighting my way through the traffic for 30min and arriving at the service centre, Joe takes one look at my decoder and says: 'that (the satellite dish) will not work with an HD decoder. So where on the box does it say that?, I ask. Well, it's obvious Joe suggests. And it won't work in a built-up area like Sea Point, where we've been struggling to get it to work, he adds. Really? ... and where does it say that, I retort. No, well once again, Joe thinks this is obvious. But actually a 'portable' dish, I would think, should work anywhere,... that's why it's 'portable', right?

Nevertheless, Joe calls technician Kevin, who diligently goes about troubleshooting the dish, part by part. After 30min my son asks me quizzically: 'So, if he says it won't work, why are they trying? Good point, but I'm interested to see the outcome of the troubleshooting.

And after another 10min, the problem is identified as the faulty LNB, supplied with the dish. Ok, so that's now 2hrs wasted and R30 due to the faulty LNB. Kevin continues to test the unit and hey, wow, now it works with the HD decoder.

So, I call arrogant Joe over and ask him what he has to say about that, but Joe doesn't give a shit. Whether it works or not, is according to Joe, just up to the Gods - either way he's not taking any responsibility and proceeds to argue with me, when I suggest his advice is rubbish and his attitude crap.

I would have thought a senior manager would understand, but Anton didn't seem to care much either, although admitted that Ellies do not have enough staff to test very item and so accepted that a faulty LNB was supplied. But no, Ellies will not compensate customers for that negligence .... because then they would have to cut profits! So Ellies profit is gained at my inconvenience. Well put Anton, that is exactly what it is!

  Complainant: tredmag | Estimated Cost to Customer: 830.00

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