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22/04/2016 PARTSERVE, Johannesburg : Partserve lie to avoid supporting Canon products
Partserve are appointed by Canon to support Canon products in South Africa, but are utterly incompetent and lie to customers, to avoid having to resolve issues with Canon products.

In the first case, Partserve simply ignored the issues I logged on the Canon website, on June 6. Then I called Partserve and found myself trying to explain the issue to an utterly incompetent technician (Percy Madunda) what the problem was with the Canon (MB2340) printer. He promised to call back but never did.

Then I wrote an email to the Partserve director, Lee Bowes and cc'd the CEO of Canon and regional head for EMEA, none of whom bothered to respond.

Then I got Hanson Avon, a half-competent technician who told me I had to install Canon software on all my PCs and I was not able to scan to the NAS drive because the software could not be installed on it. Utter rubbish as I had already managed to use the scan2folder function on a number of devices, including a HUAWEI router.

Finally on 12 April, a response from Lee Bowes saying Mubeen Suleman was going to sort out the problem - but I never heard a word from him.

14 April and I uncover more issues with the Canon software and email these to Partserve - no response!

18 April and Ms Bowes advises the issue has been escalated to Canon Europe.

21 April and Jeets Gopal tells me Canon Europe says the printer cannot support the NAS drive; but in the meanwhile I've spoken to the manufacturers of the NAS dirve (Western Digital) who've taken the trouble to test their device on the Canon printer ... and advise it works fine, it just needs to be configured properly. But don't expect any help from Canon! ... I'm still waiting.

  Complainant: tredmag | Estimated Cost to Customer: 2,000.00

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