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30/08/2016 TAFELBERG FURNISHERS, Northgate : Sold a 'secondhand' fridge without manual or accessories
I purchased a new fridge from Wasiela at Tafelberg Northgate branch on 1 August and because of the urgency, accepted the only remaining stock item, off the floor. Wasiela kindly arranged delivery the same evening, which was much appreciated, although it came at an additional cost of R200.

The fridge was however delivered without any packaging and without any accessories, or even a manual ... and I did NOT agree to accept an 'incomplete' stock item. I called Wasiela the next day and she agreed to post these to me. A month later and I've still received absolutely nothing ... so now have the onerous task of having to make an issue about it with Tafelberg.

The store manager (Andrew du Plessis) was not available and so I ended up speaking to Christine, who promised to exchange the unit with new stock and to call me back. Nobody called back ... except Wasiela the next day, complaining that I had referred to the unit as a 'secondhand'.

Although the fridge might not have been 'used', it was a 'display' item that was NOT discounted; and was delivered incomplete (without the manual and accessories). And if Wasiela can't be bothered to honour a promise to send me the outstanding items, then I will regard it as 'secondhand'. And what else am I supposed to do?

  Complainant: tredmag | Estimated Cost to Customer: 400.00

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