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09/04/2016 MAKRO, Brackenfell : Doesn't anyone at Makro know what they're selling?
After seeing a Lenova Yoga tablet 2 (with 16GB memory card) on special at Makro in Brackenfell, I called the manager (Janice) and asked her to keep the unopened Windows version for me. After doing some more research, I called the store back again to confirm the hardware spec included a GPS receiver. The sales assistant told me only the Android version had the GPS functionality ... which didn't make much sense to me, because Lenova are unlikely to manufacture the same device differently for the Windows operating system.

But I wasn't in the store to prove him wrong, so I asked a friend who lives in Brackenfell to visit the store, to check. But the sales assistant insisted that only the Android version included the GPS, so she didn't get any further and I gave-up on purchasing the device.

A few days later I was in Brackenfell and so popped into the Makro store to look at the device again. The store manager had put the device back out on the shelf, which I guess was understandable, although I might have expected the courtesy of a call to confirm the customer didn't want the tablet any more.

With a sales assistant, I opened the Device Manager on the tablet to view the sensors. There was indeed a 'Broadcom GNSS 4752' GPS receiver and the locations settings included the option to 'Switch on GNSS' (Global Navigation Satellite System); and a quick check on the Broadcom website confirmed that this included "... acceleromter, gyroscope, magnetometer and altimeter outputs to the positioning engine. ..."

After complaining to Janice about the inconvenient caused, I put the tablet (yes, the Windows version she had put back on the shelf) into my trolley and proceeded to check-out. At the till, the cashier scanned the device at R5999, which was R1000 more than the marked price ... another Makro blunder!

Back home, I took the tablet out of the packaging to put it on charge ... only to find a had been given the Android version, NOT the Windows version. After all that! ... as if I hadn't already been inconvenienced enough, I have to go back to Makro.

Doesn't anyone there know what they're selling?

  Complainant: tredmag | Estimated Cost to Customer: 1,250.00

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