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03/11/2015 MR PRICE (AT HOME), Green Point : Messed about by Mr Price Home (Green Point)
What appeared to be a very helpful lady (manager) at the Green Point branch offered to exchange some bed cushions which had become very tatty and shabby.

But when I arrived back at the branch with the cushions I was now referred to the 'area manager'; who I discovered was not nearly as accommodating. Anyway, they were taking their time and I had to get things done, so I told the lady I would leave her to 'sort it out' and return in an hour.

Well an hour later and absolutely nothing had happened; although they now agreed to exchange the cushions. But my car was parked next door because Mr Price only has 3 customer parking bays; and the security guard had only given me 5 minutes to get back, so I was getting anxious.

Now, they couldn't find the code for the pillows; and the area manager started complaining, saying she would not exchange the cushions if she could not find the code. Now, why is that my problem? Why did your manager offer to exchange the cushions in the first place? I thought she WANTED to help; but this was now becoming more trouble than the cushions are worth.

Then she confronted me with excuses, saying 'these cushions are for decoration, they're not made to be slept on', she explained. Oh really? Now how was I supposed to know that? I guess that must be something Mr Price (conveniently) forgot to tell me, when I bought them! Amazing, what they chose to tell you at certain times, but not at others.

I couldn't tolerate the incompetence and I didn't have the time. My car is outside and could be clamped at any time, so I left my contact details and ran out.

I've heard nothing ... and the cushions are still there!

  Complainant: tredmag | Estimated Cost to Customer: 476.66

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