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20/09/2016 FEATHERCOM, Waterfront : Feathercom breach Consumer Protection Act ... and don't care much!
This is Jamie Featherstone, owner of Feathercom Retail Partners, which owns a Telkom franchise.

They have a kiosk in the Waterfront, where I signed up for a FreeMe Unlimited contract; but you won't know that you are actually dealing with Feathercom, because there is only Telkom branding everywhere.

The sales agent (Shehaam Stoutz) sold me the FreeMe Unlimited, with MULTIPLE sim cards and I left with 2 SIMs. It took a week for the contract to be approved and for the one sim to be activated.

Two days later the SIM no longer worked and then Shehaam called me to 'confess' she had mis-sold the 'Multi-SIM', as Telkom would not provide multiple SIMs on that contract .... a breach of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA). She offered me R99 per month additional data SIM, but was not able to explain why there was no service.

After two weeks, I contacted Feathercom directly; with great difficulty, as they're a very 'low-profile' company on the internet.

Operations Manager, Nicholas Ashton, referred the service failure to Wynand De Kock at Telkom, who took a week to figure out that somehow Telkom had deactivated the main SIM and activated the alternative I had been given by Shehaam; so I finally was able to use the service again on 16 September ... 3 weeks after signing the contract.

After messing me about for 3 weeks, Jamie Featherstone felt it was sufficient to 'refund' me the first months bill of R1199, ....

... completely ignoring the fact that I had only 2 weeks left of the month to use the service; so it's not really a 'refund'? ... you're effectively stealing about R900 and taking less responsibility than your own employee!!

... completely ignoring the huge inconvenience and hours of my time wasted (usually charged at R400/hr).

... and the fact that his company had breached the Consumer Protection Act ... what does that law matter?

So, if you ever need to get hold of Feathercom:

Jamie Featherstone - Jamie@feathercom.co.za

Nicholas Ashton - Nicholas@feathercom.co.za - 0829299805.

  Complainant: tredmag | Estimated Cost to Customer: 1,600.00

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