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07/05/2017 GLASFIT, Wynberg : Glasfit submit fraudulent inspection certificate
I am thoroughly unimpressed by Glasfit and DialDirect insurance.

After taking a new policy on my vehicle from DialDirect, they insist I must take the car to Glasfit for an inspection to confirm the condition and any non-standard (additional) fittings/accessories.

The Glasfit inspector doesn't want to look under the vehicle to confirm the ArmadaExtreme suspension/lift kit or the 'bash' plates that are fitted underneath to protect the diff and transfer case. She also couldn't be bothered to include the roll bars on the side of the car, which are clearly visible ... and suggests I should write these in myself into the tablet she is using to capture the details. So, I take the tablet from her to do her work for her, then she asks me to sign the form and submits the inspection certificate. Where I sign the form it clearly says it is the owners's responsibility to ensure all the non-standard fittings are recorded.

The next day I receive the inspection certificate in an email, but the details I entered are not there! So, of course I have to waste my time contacting DialDirect to tell them ... and all they do is send me an email saying : "Kindly be advised that we are unable to correct the inspection as these are completed at Glasfit." Doesn't even occur to them that this is FRAUD!

Eventually, after I've declared a dispute with DialDirect, someone at DialDirect calls and offers to speak to Glasfit about it ... but Glasfit don't want to accept any responsibility; although apparently admits (to Kim Vaughan) the details were removed after I signed the form. Then I get told I have to do this and that (submit invoices) to ensure the extras are covered, so just making more work for me. But I don't have an invoice for the roll bars which were on the car when I got I!

But this is not my problem. DialDirect have chosen Glasfit as their inspectors and place a burden upon me to ensure all accessories are recorded, BUT DO NOT provide the means by which I am able to do it; and are not prepared to hold their own inspectors to account. When I call Glasfit Wynberg, they claim they "they don't inspect what is not apparently visible" ... and want to make me responsible because I entered the additional details; and also claim the technology to capture the inspection is provided by Auto & General. So it seems to me it's all just a big, bloody scam between DialDirect, Glasfit and AG, to fuck consumers over.

And most of all, NOBODY at DialDirect seems to understand that tampering with the information AFTER I put my signature to it ... IS FRAUD! One of the three of you did it!

  Complainant: tredmag | Estimated Cost to Customer: 800.00

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