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08/01/2017 ACD GIBSONS, Maitland : All talk, but no service
I had no reason to question the work done by ACD Gibsons in Maitland, Cape Town, until I felt the car swerve on the N2 approaching Mossel Bay, as I was driving back to Cape Town after a long weekend.

Then a passing motorist flashed his lights at me and I pulled over to have him show me that the rear passenger side shock absorber, fitted by ACD Gibsons, was hanging loose because the bolt had come out. Where was I going to get this fixed on a Sunday?

Back in Cape Town, I took the car back to ACD Gibsons, who checked the suspension they had fitted and reassured me it was all good ... except for a dust-cover on the one shock, that had been burnt by the exhaust. They offered to replace it free of charge and promised me they would call as soon as they had sourced the part.

A week later and nothing, so I had to call back ... to hear a story about how the were struggling to find the part; but of course they would call me back when they have it. Ok, but couldn't they just call to tell me that?

Two weeks later and still nothing from ACD Gibsons, so I call again. Another story about how they had contacted ArmadaExtreme and ordered the dust-cover, so "it's on it's way". Great, but couldn't they just call to tell me that?

Two weeks later and still nothing, so once again I have to call. This time, "the part still hasn't arrived yet although we were promised it would be despatched. But I'll call them and get back to you ..."

And the next time I called, a week later, it was: "We are going to collect the part from the supplier ourselves. We'll get back to you when it gets here."

Yeah right! .. every time I call, you promise me you'll get back to me, but you never do and now I can only assume you're just taking me for a fool!

ACD Gibsons has still not called!

  Complainant: tredmag | Estimated Cost to Customer: 600.00

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