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16/08/2017 WORLD ESTATES INTERNATIONAL, Goodwood : Incompetent and manipulative estate agents attempt to coerce T&Cs on buyers
I cannot believe the incompetence of some estate agents and the manipulative way in which they try to control access to property sellers ... in this case Elize Groenewald of World Estates International. That's her on the right.

This agent showed me a property in Goodwood on Monday and the same evening I sent her a SMS confirming that I wanted to make an offer and asked to meet in Mowbray the next day. Ms Groenewald replied a few minutes later agreeing to meet, but the next morning she:

1. refuses to meet me in Mowbray to sign an Offer To Purchase (OTP), saying: “... I don’t know those areas. I cannot drive there ...” But Mowbray is just 14min (14km) from her office in Goodwood!

2. emails me an OTP, which is inadequate (does not contain clauses I would expect and contains clauses I could not agree to); but contains stringent clauses which give the agent their commission, even if the sale is not concluded.

3. refuses to give me a copy of the OTP that I can edit myself, claiming "... my OTP is a legal document. I cannot change it into something else." What utter rubbish! In the last year I've written 2 such documents, both of which were used for successful property transactions. This is nothing more than an endeavour to coerce buyers into accepting the agents terms & conditions and has nothing to do with what the Seller wants.

4. refuses to provide details that I need to do the OTP myself, saying: "Sorry I am not allowed to send you my sellers information" ... but wants me sign and submit an offer which she can complete AFTER I've signed!

5. ... and then the next morning (after I've sent her my own OTP) tells me she sold the property on the day she refused to meet with me!

Look on the website and ironically both 'Our Team' and 'Value' say exactly the same thing: "We work hard with sustained effort and always look forward to achieving the highest levels of leadership, integrity and excellence. We are keen to provide the best standards of service to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. Constant improvement, innovation and growth, celebration of individual success, respect of individual success, respect for each individual and working for mutual opportunities and fulfilment are our core values that distinguish us from others."

What a lot of crap! They couldn't make up enough marketing rubbish, so they just used the same platitudes twice ...

If I was Suzann Botha, I wouldn't be so keen to put my face on the company logo!

  Complainant: tredmag | Estimated Cost to Customer: 425.00

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