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19/12/2017 CAPE TOWN PANELBEATERS, Paarden Eiland : Why Winston Roscoe is a crook
When Winston Roscoe from Cape Town Panelbeaters found a spare front panel at a scrapyard in Stikland, to repair the front of my car, it appeared he had done me a favour. The repair was done under a Budget Insurance claim and the replacement panel meant that the repair could be done within the amount of the pay-out; without importing new parts from Japan or doing a 'body-filler' job.

And the existence of spares in Stikland was of great interest to me, as I could possibly find other spares there. But when I asked Winston for the name and contact details of the dealer in Stikland, he refused to give me the information, claiming that the dealer was very 'sensitive' about how the vehicle had been 'written off'. So, instead Winston agreed to take a wiper that needed to be replaced, to the dealer himself.

A week later I called, but Winston complained that he was 'very busy' moving his workshop. I called again ... and again, every week for about 6 weeks; but Winston was ALWAYS 'too busy' and never got a chance to get out to Stikland. Eventually, I gave up and just wanted the original wiper back from Winston, but I never got that either.

Then, nearly two years later, I went into the back of a taxi and once again the front of the car needed repair. But now I noticed something odd. Where the paintwork had been damaged, there was body-filler underneath! So where was the spare panel that Winston said he had gotten from the dealer in Stikland?

Now, things became clear. There was no dealer or any spare replacement panel in Stikland ... and hence there were no details he could give me. It was just a story to cover up an inferior job. And Winston Roscoe just messed me around for a few months until I gave up asking about the dealer in Stikland.

I also called the assessor (Riedewaan Samuels at Telesure), who said that in fact Winston had agreed to repair the car with NEW imported parts, as per his original quote.

Now, that is why Winston Roscoe is a crook!

  Complainant: tredmag | Estimated Cost to Customer: 850.00

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