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21/12/2017 MEKOR SUZUKI TYGERVALLEY, Tygervalley : Rubbish service at Mekor Suzuki Tygervalley
Took my Suzuki Jimny to Mekor Suzuki Tygervalley for a 60 000 service, which was booked 2 weeks in advance.

I was met by Anneke who took the keys and confirmed someone would call me if there was anything additional that needed attention.

An hour later I got a call to say the fanbelt had 'hairline' cracks and needed to be replaced ... can they proceed, 'at a cost of R2000'. 'Absolutely not' I said. It came across as a ploy to make a fast buck on something that is trivial.

"But have you noticed the shudder on the steering and the missing cover on the driver-side doorframe? .... I forgot to mention it when I left the car there and I need a quote for that please." Ok, so they'll get back to me.

I heard nothing further until about 2 hours later .... 'the driver is waiting for you at Tygervalley Mall'. Oh, well nobody warned me and I'm halfway through a coffee, so he'll have to wait about 20min, I said.

The driver takes me back to the workshop and I'm told that Anneke has gone home sick and 'the paperwork will be sent to me by email', with a quotation for the repairs I asked about. But they did check the shuddder and they recommend replacement of bushes and shims on the rear suspension. Oh, that's strange I said. The shudder is on the front ... He looks at me and shrugs his shoulders.

Two days later and still I have nothing .... not even a service report.

So, I call back and am told yes, they replaced the oil and oil filter. No they didn't replace the air filter or fuel filter. And the price of the doorframe cover is R300. Oh, and yes the bushes and shims are on the front, not the back! And oh, there is now a wiper blade that needs replacing and a light bulb. Yes, we'll send you the quote. I check the wiper blade and find it is only the rubber that needs replacing - the blade itself is absolutely fine.

Next day, I get a quote for R9078 and "We would require a deposit of R3821.88 to order the parts for you" ... still no service report!!!

I call back and ask for the manager, but he's not around and I leave a message for Kevin Vianello to call me back. That was a week ago today. Still nothing!

  Complainant: tredmag | Estimated Cost to Customer: 400.00

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