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05/10/2019 DOWN SOUTH, Rondebosch : Down South customer assaulted over egg
An argument over an egg escalated into assault at the 'Down South' restaurant in the Rondebosch Shopping Mall on Wednesday (8 May 2019), after a customer refused to pay for the uneaten egg.

Police were called to the scene by Down South manager, Gilbert who repeatedly demanded the customer pay for the egg, which the customer had returned to the waitron saying the egg had not been cooked properly.

After hearing the customer's complaint, Gilbert (seen in the photo, right) repeatedly insisted the egg was cooked and demanded: "You will pay for the egg ... you will pay for the egg". He then threatened the girlfriend of the customer, who was taking photos on her mobile, of the egg and the irate manager.

After hurriedly finishing his meal, the customer walked out of the restaurant offering to pay the bill (less the egg), just as Police Constable Rala arrived at the mall, in response to the call from Gilbert.

The incident then escalated as Gilbert repeatedly threatened the woman saying: "Don't take videos of me. I'll smash that camera." He then snatched the mobile out of her hands, as they stood outside the restaurant confronted by security guards and Constable Rala, who had been summoned from Rondebosch SAPS. Her boyfriend snatched the mobile back from Gilbert, while Constable Rala looked on.

The girlfriend, who works in the hospitality industry, said Gilbert had been grossly rude, unprofessional and had also threatened to slap her.

A very shocked owner, Bev Tregay agreed the behaviour of the manager was 'unacceptable'. "If we don't cook it right, we must give you one that is cooked to your liking. There is no argument about that. And then, for it to escalate to that, is unacceptable".

Tregay said she would look into the incident and would get back to the two angry customers. They are still waiting to hear if it is safe to return to the restaurant.

  Complainant: tredmag | Estimated Cost to Customer: 274.33

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