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03/11/2015 EXPEDIA, Customer Services : Expedia cancelled ticket but did not refund, now ignoring my email complaints
So, I booked a flight with Expedia, from London to Cape Town (return) in July 2014 and flew the first leg to Cape Town on about 28 July 2014, planning to return to London in March 2015.

Unexpectedly, I was advised by email on 30/8/2014 that my return flight was cancelled, but when I checked the Expedia website, the itinerary number was valid, as was the confirmation code (YB8B3L); and there was no indication of any cancellation.

Nevertheless, I contacted Customer Service for an explanation by email (on 1,3,11,12 of September), but NOBODY could or would help me. The only response was that I should call their London office, which I declined to do.

Why? Well, try calling a customer service number anywhere and see how far you get and how much time you can waste! You'll probably end up waiting for ages to speak to someone in the Phillipines who can't speak English, who will have no authority to do anything and will read you a bunch of excuses from a script.

And why can't Expedia call me? They're supposed to be providing a service - I'm the customer, who's paying for it! ... or why can't Expedia just deal with it by email? Seems to me it's just a way of putting obstacles in my way.

And of course, no email for anybody of any seniority, can be found on Expedia's website ... and so it becomes a ‘mission impossible’ to hold Expedia accountable; which I guess is exactly how they go about ripping us off.

In effect Expedia has STOLEN money from me ... and more than a year later, STILL NO REFUND! ... not even an explanation.

  Complainant: tredmag | Estimated Cost to Customer: 820.00

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